Tuna ala-Crab Cake and Tuna Salad: Low-calorie protein and budget-friendly meal

It’s a fact, when everything goes up in price, we always cut corners on food expenses. Food is one commodity at home that is always easier to adjust as compared to utility cost, loan payments, mortgage, etc. 

Tuna Ala-Crab Cake
Tuna Salad

Since December 2021, all commodities have gone up in prices and even worsened by the supply chain crisis that still haunts us. How many empty shelves in the supermarket or grocery stores do we see, each time we shop?

A number of restaurants have shut down permanently due to the interruptions in food supply coupled with shortage in manpower. I can only speak for the food service industry where I belong. Our industry has not recovered yet from the pandemic hangover. Even if most businesses are already back in operations, most food service businesses are still in the skeleton workforce.

I’d rather talk about food. My brain bleeds every time I think about the problems in the industry, in the country and in the world in general. 

In times like these, resilience and creativity are good virtues. We can still afford to eat healthy, right? And that’s the good news folks! 

I have 2 very simple and very affordable Tuna recipes that are low in calories and fats; yet a very good source of pure-protein as well as B-vitamins like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

According to Healthline.com, “If you are looking to lose weight, canned tuna is a good option because it is low in calories yet high in protein. Diets that are high in protein have been associated with benefits for weight loss, including increased feelings of fullness and reduced cravings.”

The only negative issue associated with consuming tuna is its mercury content, which is scary, I get that! However, according to Food Standard Australia & New Zealand as reported on TheConversation.com, “One would have to eat around 25 cans (95g each) of tuna a week before we hit the maximum tolerable intake of mercury. For pregnant women, the limit would be around 12 cans a week.” 

I buy tuna in both vacuum-sealed pouches and canned. I used the pouches for salads and the canned for fried tuna cakes. Alright, let’s go ahead and whip up some good tuna eats!



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