Healing Food

Photo c/o Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

One of my main motivations for building this blog is to share with you some powerful facts about natural foods, herbs, and spices in regard to their healing qualities. My goal for this page is to create not only tasty but powerful recipes that feature the health and healing benefits of these foods, herbs, and spices.

It’s pretty basic … what we fuel our body is what determines our well-being. Simply said that what we eat determines our health. Eating could be a preventative approach to major illnesses as well as a determinant of future diseases especially if we don’t watch our diet carefully. And one important factor in watching our diet is making healthy food choices. When we think of diet as some sort of a regimen that we need to follow strictly then it becomes rigid and unnatural. And anything of that nature becomes too difficult to live with.

Besides, we really have to make time to feed and nourish our body because if we get sick, don’t we need to make time for treatment? I’d rather make time to watch what I eat than go for my treatment later in life.  But then again, it’s up to you. What we decide today will make a remarkable impact on our future.

As part of the Healing Food project, I put together some recipes that I personally believe would benefit various parts of the body and improve overall health and wellness, as shown below.

Again, this collection of recipes is for the purpose of educating the readers of STK and does not aim to prescribe remedy or medical treatment. As a general rule, always consult your physicians or medical specialists before doing any major alterations on your diet, specially if you have any medical conditions.

Acid Reflux (Heart Burn)Baked Apple w/ Banana Oatmeal Filling
Gouty ArthritisEdamame & Squash on Rye Brushetta
BBQ Tofu Burger on Rye Toast
Fried Okra Nuggets
InflammationGinger Tea w/ Mint & Honey

The information provided on this section of the Six Tastes Kitchen is for the purpose of educating the readers, followers, subscribers and visitors of this site. Healing Food does not intend to prescribe any remedy or substitute any treatment or advice of medical experts. If you have any medical conditions, always consult the physicians or specialists first before doing any major alterations on your diet.